Office Policies

AMS Neurology Office / No Show Policies

*Payment Policies
AMS Neurology does everything possible to minimize the cost of medical care. The following is summary of our payment and office policies.

*Authorizations for Office Visits (HMO)

If your insurance is an HMO, it is the patient’s responsibility to obtain prior-authorizations for all office visits. AMS Neurology is not responsible for obtaining these authorizations. If prior-authorization is not obtained by either the patient and/or guardian before each visit, it is the policy of AMS Neurology to collect the full charge of that visit from either the patient and/or guardian within 30 days of being seen.

*Copays- Payment is due at the time of service
As part of our contract with the insurance companies we are legally required by the terms of the contract to collect any co pays from you at the time of service. Payment is required at the time services are rendered unless prior arrangements have been made in advance. AMS Neurology accepts cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards. There is a service charge of $25 for returned checks.

*Outstanding Balance
Patients with an outstanding balance of 60 days overdue must make arrangements for payment prior to scheduling appointments. We realize that people have financial difficulty. Please communicate with our billing and collections department, they can assist you with any billing inquiries and create a financial plan with you.

We bill participating insurance companies as a courtesy to you. You are expected to pay your deductibles and co-payments at the time of service. Any charges for medical services denied or excluded by your Insurance Company will be billed to the patients account.

*Check if we are in your network – For 1st time patients it is very important that you call

your insurance company before your scheduled visit to find out if we are in your network.

For established patients, we urge that you verify if our physicians are listed as

providers within the networks that you are considering.

*Billing Questions
If you should need any assistance or have questions, please call our Billing Service at (855) 442-2113 Ext: 104 

Overpayments will be refunded upon written request to the responsible party within 30 days of our office confirmation.

*Prescription Refills

If your child needs a refill of a prescription medication, Please contact your pharmacy 3-5 days in advance. If necessary, the pharmacy will contact us directly for authorization to refill the medication. Our office can only authorize medication refills during office hours, not after hours or on weekends. If your Insurance requires authorization for a prescription refill, please have your pharmacist call or fax in your request during office hours so we can review your chart.


*No Show Policy

AMS Neurology, Inc. has instituted a “NO SHOW” policy. Giving our undivided attention to each and every patient is important to us, as we’re sure it is to you. We block out the time for your visit accordingly.

In order to have an efficient and orderly practice, we request that you give us 24 hours’ notice if you cannot attend a scheduled appointment. This allows other patients who are waiting for a cancellation to be notified. We understand

that sometimes situations arise that are out of your control, and 24-hour advance notices may not be feasible. However, in these situations, we ask that you notify the office as soon as possible.

We reserve the right to charge for missed or untimely canceled appointments.

Missed and untimely canceled appointments will result in a $50 fee for Office Visits or Phone Consults and/or $100 fee for EEG tests will be charged to the patients account.**

*After hours Policy: After business hours, Dr. Niesen, or a covering Neurologist, will be available 24/7. Dr. Niesen is made aware of each and every phone call. Messages left for the staff and doctors are checked every morning and afternoon.

*Scheduled phone appointments:

Please be aware that if a patient is unable to be seen in our office and arranges to have a phone appointment scheduled, your insurance will be billed accordingly for the Phone consult with the doctor.

*Appointment Reminders We may use and disclose medical information for purposes of sending you

appointment emails or otherwise reminding you of appointments. Including, but not limited to,

voicemails of future appointment date and time.

Please note, Reminder calls and e-mails are a courtesy.

You are responsible for your appointment whether your reminder was received or not.


Medical Request Fee for >3 visits $25

Returned Checks $25

Late Cancellation/No Show $50 for Office Visit/Phone Consult

Late Cancellation/No Show $100 for EEG Test

Letter Request/Form completion $20

Lost Prescriptions $20

If you receive a bill and have any questions please call our Billing Service at (855) 442-2113