About Our Practice

Child Neurology located in Pasadena, CA

AMS Neurology provides outstanding care for childhood neurodevelopmental disorders and epilepsy in Pasadena, California, and throughout the Los Angeles area. Experienced pediatric neurologist Charles Niesen, MD, and a group of trained clinicians treat epilepsy, autism, learning disorders, and other pediatric neurology conditions to help children thrive. 

The AMS Neurology staff provides round-the-clock phone service. Parents and guardians can always get in touch with a nurse for treatment and medicine support when they need it the most. In addition, AMS Neurology offers Saturday clinics to make pediatric neurology care accessible for parents and children in the Pasadena area. 

AMS Neurology uses the most up-to-date treatment and practice methods, including electroencephalogram (EEG) testing both in the office and at home. Every child gets an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan, and the friendly staff is always ready to answer questions.

The AMS Neurology providers believe that excellent care goes beyond office visits. They regularly follow up with children and their parents to ensure that every young person enjoys a healthy and happy childhood.

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Our Office Commitment:
+ We are committed to listening to our patients and providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. 
+ Our staff is equally dedicated in scheduling needed tests and appointments, answering questions, and helping you get the highest level of care. 
+ Patients are seen by appointment only in order to ensure you get the time needed to have your concerns addressed. New patient appointments range from forty-five minutes to an hour, and return appointments between twenty and thirty minutes.
+ We take the time to follow up with you regularly because we believe that patient care does not stop when you leave the office.