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Dr Charles Niesen on HipHollywood.com

Published on Mar 20, 2013

After spending several days in ICU, Lil Wayne was released from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday night and is home resting. Some have blamed the rapper's recent series of seizures on his addiction to "sizzurp," a mixture of codeine syrup and soda, but is there a correlation?

HipHollywood sat down with neurologist Charles E. Niesen who shared the effects codeine has on a patient who is seizure prone, like Weezy. "Codeine in excess lowers seizure thresholds, so in somebody like Lil Wayne who has a history of seizures, taking a lot of codeine is going to put him at risk of having more seizures," Dr. Neisen revealed.

Wayne allegedly went on a "sizzurp" binge last week, just hours after being released from the hospital for treatment for seizures. The rapper's condition took a turn for the worst the following day and he was hospitalized again, but his camp is denying the seizures had anything to do with his reported "binge".

Weezy's addiction to the drug has been well documented, with the New Orleans native admitting it's something he may never give up ... even if it kills him.